G. R. Bioure Surgical System Private Ltd. was incorporated in 2011 in New Delhi (India) with the aim to provide medical device industry with innovative, high precision and cost-effective products with long and easy working life.

Bioure is known to serve the medical fraternity in a professional manner with the foremost vision of providing High Quality Surgical Instruments and Implants products to various departments like Department of Burn surgery, Plastic surgery, Neurosurgery, Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, etc. At present, the company owns a good reputation among others of the same field.

Bioure offers diverse product line which is unmatched by any other competitor in the market. Bioure equipment's and instruments meet the exceed expectation of the world's most demanding customers in the healthcare markets.

Bioure is the premier manufacturer of state of art skin grafting tools. Our revolutionary products like Skin Graft Mesher, Battery Dermatome & Electric Dermatome have been used by leading surgeons in both government & private renowned hospitals for many years.

Bioure also have complete range of Cranio-Maxillofacial Titanium Implants with FDA Certificate.

Bioure is constantly improving and enhancing it’s product line with the help of precise quality work by team of highly qualified engineers and the guidance from medical practitioners.

Bioure also works closely with the end users to develop innovative products and applications for them.

We at Bioure believes in 100% in house manufacturing of our products to control product quality to meet high expectations of the doctors so that they can serve the patient to the best of their ability.